Voice lessons

Individual voice lessons form an integral part of the DNOA programme as every singer wishes to reach his/her full potential and to enjoy a sustainable career requires a high level of technical understanding and proficiency. To this end, the purpose of the lessons is to further develop and hone the individual’s vocal technique in such a way as to alleviate any issues and to facilitate further development.

In addition to ongoing technical work, the lessons also serve as a means to explore and prepare in detail the repertoire for both the performance and auditioning modules.

The singer has the opportunity in a nurturing and constructive environment to develop self-awareness and a sense of their parameters in such a way as to achieve a clear sense of their respective Fach (vocal identity), something that is essential for every singer.

The regular individual lessons can be with a teacher of choice at either one of the conservatories or with an external teacher, subject to the approval of the Artistic Leader.

The current roster of voice teachers includes:

Conservatorium van Amsterdam:
Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet; Sasja Hunnego

Royal Conservatoire the Hague:
Noa Frankel

External teachers:

Hanneke de Wit;Vitaly Rozynko

Gerben van der Werf in Dutch National Opera’s production of Ritratto by Willem Jeths © Sanne Peper

“The DNOA is the Champions League in Arts education. It provides a unique and supportive environment for ambitious singers wanting to cross the gap between education and the international stage. Everyone on the programme can sing: the challenge at hand is how to use that skill to express oneself and communicate with others. An unexpected bonus: I have made friends for life.”


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