Career skills

The classes and seminars in this module focus on the strategic and entrepreneurial skills that are essential tools for a successful career.

A vital component is the audition training module of the part of the programme, which is overseen by the Artistic Leader who is joined frequently by guests including conductors, agents, casting directors etc. The practical advantage of regular simulated auditions, where repertoire can be tried and tested as well as analysis of video recordings of the audition, is an essential tool in optimising the singer’s skills of being proficient under pressure.

As with every master’s programme, research also plays a central role in the DNOA curriculum. The research element of the programme is supervised by the internationally respected dramaturg Klaus Bertisch, and involves a carefully supervised project where the student is required to explore and undertake a project that is of particular relevance to their practice as an opera singer.

“While a highly developed and secure vocal technique is the essential basis of any operatic career, there are many other attributes that a singer needs if they are to enjoy continued success in the operatic field.”


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