Performance skills

While a highly developed and secure vocal technique is the essential basis of any operatic career, there are many other attributes that a singer needs if they are to enjoy continued success in the operatic field. Central to the learning trajectory of a DNOA student, is the integration of singing, acting and physicality with a view to producing graduates who are both technically assured and artistically credible.

In the Acting Skills module DNOA students learn how to combine their own stage personality with the psychology of the character, to work in direct relation to the audience and to use the actual situation during the performance, manipulating it in the here and now.

The “Body and Space Awareness” classes focus on the body as “the instrument” in the context of singing. It is addressed as an organic self-regulated system; physicality and movement are explored and practised in order to experience and open up new pathways. The course is based on the somatic practice of BMC (Body-Mind-Centring) integrated with principles from new dance, Alexander technique, yoga, improvisation and physical theatre.

“Studying at DNOA is a life changing experience for me – it brought me with lots of inspiration and taught me how to embrace my vulnerability in life and on stage. It strengthens my resilience, by this, I am able to explore my boundaries while staying true to myself.”


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