Freek den Hartogh
Acting Skills

Freek den Hartogh is an actor, director, and composer. He graduated in 2009 as an actor and got his teaching degree in 2021 at the Toneelacademie Maastricht. He has worked for a variety of (music)theatre companies including Toneelgroep Maastricht, Orkater, Het Nationale Theater, Het Zuidelijke Toneel, Circus Treurdier, De Nederlandse Reisopera, Theater Sonnevanck, Het Laagland, Laika (B) to name a few. He also worked with several symphonic orchestras as Rotterdam Philharmonic, NedPho, Phion, Philharmonie Zuid-Nederland and Residentie Orkest.


As a drama teacher he works for The Royal Conservatory The Hague, MBO Theaterschool Rotterdam and the Dutch National Opera Academy.


Freek always combines music and theatre in his work and is the artistic director of RAAF muziektheater in Rotterdam together with Rosa Peters.


Freek is also the programme leader of A.R.T. (Anxiety Release Training) a research platform and training company with a programme how to dismantle stage fright and exert competence outside the comfort zone.


Lastly, due to his great grandmother’s Italian genes, he is an avid pasta eater, tomato lover and always in for some Puccini.