1 December 2021
2 December 2021
4 December 2021
5 December 2021

Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire The Hague

A collaboration with the Early Music Departments of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and The Royal Conservatoire The Hague.

Creative team

Jonathan Peter Kenny

James Conway

Luca Stappers
Set & costume design

Alex Brok
Light design

Valentina di Taranto
Language coaching

Marisa Grande
Embodiment coach

Aristide Moari
Assistant Conductor


Kris Ng / Francesca Pusceddu
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt  

Maria Koshiishi / Gerben van der Werf
Giulio Cesare

Maria Koroleva / Idil Kutay
Cornelia, Pompeo’s widow

Gabe Clarke / Peter O’Reilly
Tolomeo, Cleopatra’s brother 

Lucie van Ree / Marion Dumeige*
Arsace, Arabic Prince, Cesare’s rival

Gita Rebeka Dirveika / Tinka Pypker
Lentulo, Tribune, Cesare’s friend 

Michal Karski / Einar Gudmundsson
Achilla, Egyptian Prince, Tolomeo’s friend 

Noelle Drost** / Fee de Ruiter***
Sesto Pompeo, Pompeo’s and Cornelia’s son

*DNOA graduate
** Student KC
***Student CvA

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