The closing date for applications to join the programme 2021 was 05 February 2021. 

The Dutch National Opera Academy holds auditions on an annual basis with the aim of selecting suitable participants to join the programme for the subsequent two years.

Prospective applicants should bear in mind that the course of study at the DNOA is a full-time programme and that students are required to prioritise the DNOA commitments over any external engagements.

The programme dates are: 6 September 2021 – 14 August 2023.

There is no age limit, there is no application fee.

Recruitment Process

Details of the recruitment process for entry to the programme in September 2022 will be announced in Autumn 2021.

Have a question?

Email Paul McNamara Artistic Leader:


When applying you are required to complete an online application form and upload a number of documents which include:

  • Curriculum vitae (tabular)
  • Copy of diploma(s)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Portrait photo
  • Active links to video recordings of three operatic arias in different styles and in at least two different languages. At least one operatic aria/scene should include a recitative
  • A written statement outlining your reasons for choosing to study at the DNOA